Norton Shopping Guarantee with Package Protection by EasyPost

Boost Reputation and Reduce Chargebacks

  • Negative reviews damage brand reputation, deter potential customers, and affect search engine rankings.
  • Chargebacks cost your business money because credit card companies always side with the shopper.  
  • Most merchants’ chargebacks and negative reviews start with lost, damaged or stolen packages. 

    Norton Shopping Guarantee can prevent that.

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Keep Customers Coming Back

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Enhance Your Customer Experience

With these four benefits with their purchase, your shoppers will enjoy
a better shopping experience, resulting in fewer negative reviews and better customer satisfaction.

$1,000 Purchase

If your shoppers don’t receive the product or service they purchased in accordance with your terms and conditions, our support team will help them resolve the issue or cover a refund up to $1,000 if necessary.

$100 Lowest
Price Guarantee

No one likes finding out they paid more for something than they had to. If your shoppers purchase your product and the price drops within 30 days, we’ll reimburse them the difference up to $100 – no questions asked.

$5,000 Package Protection by EasyPost

$5,000 Package
Protection by EasyPost

Package Protection covers loss, damage, and theft for every carrier and service level, which results in higher customer ratings and fewer chargebacks. Customers cover the cost, so you don’t pay a thing.

$10,000 Identity Theft Protection

In the event your customer’s identity is stolen, during the 30 days of coverage, we provide access to identity recovery services and reimburse expenses up to $10,000 for costs like attorney fees, removing criminal judgements, and disputing credit reports.

Experts in Ecommerce Trust for Over 15 Years


Purchases protected monthly


Annual trustmark views


Guaranteed retail sales

Protect Your Business
From Negative Reviews and Chargebacks

Even when everything goes right and your product is delivered safely, some things are out of your control. Like porch pirates. Our trust-building measures alleviate the impact of negative reviews and chargebacks by giving your customers the support they need before they initiate a chargeback or leave a bad review. 

With the Norton Shopping Guarantee offering, you can create an environment of trust and confidence that will lead to happier customers and increased sales.

Empower Your Customers With Trust in Your Brand

Educate your customers about the benefits of your trust-building measures. Providing clear trustmarks throughout your shoppers’ journey will improve the customer experience by showing them right from the start that their purchases are protected by a name known for trust and security.

Gather Insights Into
Buyer Behavior

Manage all guarantees issued, feedback from buyers and store information in a single, intuitive dashboard.

Available on WooCommerce and Shopify
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Ready To Turn Your Skeptical Shoppers
Confident Customers?

Your Bottom-Line

Increased Conversion Rates
Increased Average Order Size
Reduced Chargebacks
Dedicated Claims Professionals
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