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Customer Story:

How increased conversions and average size order with Norton Shopping Guarantee is a family owned and operated ecommerce retailer of high-quality gas grills, outdoor kitchen equipment and other backyard patio related items. The online business launched at the end of 2019, and by the beginning of 2023 had amassed $10M in overall revenue with over 11,000 customers.

Customer trust is paramount for online retailers, and is no exception. They work hard to build customer loyalty with high-end products, excellent pricing, the best service, and exclusive promotions and discounts not found elsewhere in their industry. They need their customers to feel confident in their purchase.


In September, 2022, owner Ryan Maltbie received a call from a potential customer. The caller wanted to know if the company was legitimate and could be trusted. The customer told Maltbie, “The price is amazing, your product offerings are better than anyone else in the industry, but I don’t know . . . it just feels too good to be true.”

Shocked by the phone call, Maltbie was driven to action. A Norton Shopping Guarantee (NSG) team member had reached out to him only a few weeks earlier, but at the time, Maltbie didn’t believe they had any issues with customer confidence. The phone call opened his eyes. “That’s when it hit me,” he said. “We need an outside agency breathing faith into our customers, making them feel confident in their purchase. What better name to attach ourselves to than Norton?”

Company Profile

  • Gas grills, outdoor kitchen equipment
  • Brentwood, CA

Key Challenges

  • Increase shopper trust and confidence
  • Increase conversion rates


  • Norton Shopping Guarantee

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“We need an outside agency breathing faith into our customers, making them feel confident in their purchase. What better name to attach ourselves to than Norton?”

– Ryan Maltbie, founder and CEO

Key Wins

increase in
conversion rate
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increase in
average order value
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365 - day


Maltbie reached out to several shopping guarantee companies to be sure he found the right one for his company, and none of the others held a candle to the performance of NSG. In addition, Norton is a big name in web security, a name Maltbie trusted. He made the decision to go with Norton Shopping Guarantee at the end of Q3.

The same day he green-lighted the project, they were able to go live. NSG implementation is simple and seamless. With a simple piece of code, was up and running with Norton Shopping Guarantee, placing the trustmarks in the bottom left corner of the website. They also have the Norton Shopping Guarantee in their shopping cart so customers can see it as they check out.



BBQGrills.comWith the same-day NSG launch at the end of Q3, was ready for their Q4 sales. Maltbie is confident that Norton Shopping Guarantee played a role in the 230% YOY revenue increase they experienced. He believes having the trustmarks on his website immediately built trust and confidence in his products, and they were able to convert a higher percentage of their Q4 traffic thanks to Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Since the company launched NSG on their website, conversion rates have increased by over 10%. In addition, has seen an average order value (AOV) increase of roughly 37%. Maltbie and his team are thrilled with the results and the increased customer trust they’ve enjoyed.

Maltbie has plans to grow his company, and ensuring that is the most trusted online retailer of everything barbeque is essential to that growth. He knows NSG will help him secure consumer trust and help him achieve his growth goals.