Norton Shopping Guarantee

Merchants – How it works

here's how it works

Display trustmarks throughout the shopper's journey


The sitewide trustmark

is shown in the bottom left or right-hand corner on all pages of your site. New visitors can shop with confidence knowing your site has been verified by a trusted third party.

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product pages

The product page trustmark

is shown on each product page, typically under the add to cart button. Showing a trustmark on product pages reinforce that you are a trusted merchant, encouraging the shopper to add products to their cart.

Shopping cart pages

The only free shopping cart plug-in with a shopping guarantee and package protection

Differentiate your store by offering the only holistic buyer protection program in the Shopify market that includes both a shopping guarantee and shipping insurance.

Eliminate uncertanity in shoppers

Reduce chargebacks and negative reviews, increase conversion rates and AOV, and get back your time spent dealing with claims.

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