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Customer Story: Glasss Station

Glasss Station See Dramatic Rise in Conversion, AOV, and Opt-In Rates

Norton Shopping Guarantee with Package Protection by EasyPost

Glasss Station, an ecommerce business in the niche market of high-quality smoking accessories, is committed to exceptional customer service and enhancing shopper confidence with every transaction. With a foundation built on passion and innovation, the company has established itself as a trusted provider in the competitive world of online retail, offering a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of its customers.

The Challenge

Amplifying Customer Trust and Conversion in a Sensitive Market


In the highly competitive and sensitive niche of online retail for smoking
accessories, Glasss Station recognized a need to establish trust with shoppers.
This sector, more than many others, faces unique challenges related to customer
privacy, product discretion, and secure transactions. Studies have shown that 25%
of online shoppers
have abandoned a cart due to security concerns, specifically
lacking trust.

In this environment, Glasss Station’s challenge was not just to offer superior
products but to create an online shopping experience that emphasized security
and trust at every step. Michael Roese, founder and CEO, wanted to find a robust
solution that could seamlessly integrate with the Shopify platform, bolstering
customer confidence without complicating the buying process or undermining the
user experience.

The urgency to address these concerns was underscored by the growing trend of
consumers demanding more transparent and secure shopping experiences. In the
niche market of smoking accessories, where discretion and trust are paramount,
ensuring customer confidence is not just a value-add; it’s a critical component of
business survival and growth.

Glasss Station

Company Profile

Key Challenges

  • Increase shopper trust and confidence
  • Increase average order value


  • Norton Shopping Guarantee

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“I absolutely would recommend [the app], and have done so. My wife [has her own website and] now is a Norton Shopping Guarantee client.”

– Michael Roese, Founder & CEO, Glasss Station

Key Wins

0 %
opt-in rate
0 %
increase in average
order value (AOV)
0 %
higher opt-in
than Route

Integration & Implementation

Roese described the integration of Norton Shopping Guarantee with Package Protection by EasyPost into Glasss Station’s Shopify store as “super easy,” thanks to exceptional support from the customer support team. This smooth transition allowed Glasss Station to quickly begin reaping the benefits of enhanced customer assurance and protection.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Since implementing Norton Shopping Guarantee, Glasss Station has observed a notable increase in customer confidence, leading to a 0.3% increase in conversion rates and a 2% rise in average order value (AOV). Notably, 62% of customers have opted for Norton Package Protection since its introduction—a rate about 20% higher than seen with their previous protection company, Route.

Customer Feedback & Experience

The ease of filing a claim has been praised by Glasss Stations’s customers. The Package Protection feature has been particularly well-received, offering peace of mind against lost, damaged, or stolen packages. This has not only saved Glasss Station money on potential losses but also streamlined customer service, reducing the burden on the company’s resources.

Glasss Station

The Verdict: A Resounding Endorsement

Glasss StationGlasss Station wholeheartedly recommends Norton Shopping Guarantee with Package Protection to other merchants. Citing his own positive experience and the noticeable impact on customer loyalty and repeat business, Roese shares, “Yes, I absolutely would recommend [the app], and have done so. My wife [has her own website and] is now a Norton Shopping Guarantee client.”

Looking Ahead

With a growing repeat customer base and a continued increase in conversion rates, Glasss Station looks forward to further enhancing their ecommerce experience. Roese expresses optimism about the future, hoping for continued growth in conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction with Norton Shopping Guarantee with Package Protection by EasyPost.