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How Life Extension doubled their ROI with Norton Shopping Guarantee

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"Norton Shopping Guarantee provides a sense of trust to the new products before customers are even able to write product reviews, and that helps us.”

For more than 35 years, Life Extension has supplied consumers with a large selection of high-quality vitamins and supplements in pursuit of human health and longevity. Motivated by a passion for knowledge and scientific advancement, research and development have been the driving forces of their unique formulas. An in-house science team creates the specialized formulas which allows Life Extension to produce their own supplements with the highest quality ingredients.

Gus Milla, eCommerce Manager of Life Extension, explains that “People who are serious about their health can see the quality of the products from the beginning. That, in combination with specialized supplements that aren’t easy to find, is what keeps our customers loyal to Life Extension.”

Though people generally know that diet and exercise play key roles in living a healthy life, getting the right type and amount of nutrients is not always easy. Life Extension is able to assist in building an effective and individualized supplement plan through the use of blood tests. They also publish their own magazine so customers can stay up to date with the latest medical research and findings, therapies, and treatments.

So why did this highly reputable and successful company decide to try Norton Shopping Guarantee? “We wanted to build on the trust our visitors have with our site and brand to ensure they felt complete confidence in buying from us regarding the purchasing process and the security of their information,” replied Gus. “We work to make our customers’ purchase decisions easier. This type of guarantee benefits our customer base and was the driver for implementing this solution.”

Company Profile

Specialty: Dietary Supplements & Vitamins
Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Employees : less than 100
eCommerce Platform: Sitecore

Key Challenges

 – Increase shopper trust and confidence
 – Increase conversion rates


Norton Shopping Guarantee


 – 11.2% lift in converting shoppers to buyers
 – 100% ROI in less than 1 day
 – 82.3% of buyers feel more confident in making a purchase
 – 81.9% of buyers are more likely to shop at the store again

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Converting 11.2% More
Shoppers Into Buyers

To see just how beneficial Norton Shopping Guarantee could be for their customers and business, Life Extension decided to provide their shoppers with $10,000 in identity theft protection, a $1,000 purchase guarantee, and a $100 lowest price guarantee. After a seamless integration process that did not require any dedicated IT resources, an A/B test was conducted to quantify the impact of Norton Shopping Guarantee. Gus concluded that “the increase in the conversion rate demonstrates that trust has been taken to a higher level by Norton Shopping Guarantee. The proof is in the numbers!”


The increase in conversion rate demonstrates that trust has been taken to a higher level by Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Gus Milla
eCommerce Manager, Life Extension

Customer Experience

Because Life Extension desires to continuously improve the customer experience, Gus was gratified by the reaction from their customers. “By the customer feedback, we can see that customers are appreciative of Norton Shopping Guarantee.” Over 80% of customers who answered a survey regarding Norton Shopping Guarantee said that the program provided them with confidence and made them want to shop again. And here are some of the comments Life Extension have received:

“Thank you for additional protection at no cost.
I’m a longtime LE purchaser and appreciate all
LE does to support me as a Customer on
multiple fronts.”
“The protection is an added benefit that
keeps me coming back for more. Thank you,
Life Extension.”
“Thank you for your constant concern for your
customers. I guaran-tee that I will continue
being a customer of Life Extension.”

“Thank you Life Extension for the free Norton
Shopping Guarantee. This is very important to
me and makes me feel very comfortable with
buying online with your company.”

As Life Extension continues to release new formulas and products on a weekly basis, they are excited to infuse the “Norton feel” into those items. Gus observed that “Norton Shopping Guarantee provides a sense of trust to the new products before customers are even able to write product reviews, and that helps us.” Trust is invaluable in any business and Life Extension is pleased to have enhanced the trust of their customers to a new level.

Interested in increasing your online sales by offering a shopping guarantee? Get started with Norton Shopping Guarantee today at or reach out to our team for a demo at

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